When choosing between interior design styles for your home, there are two main styles which get talked about a lot. These are modern and contemporary. While you may think at first hearing them that they are the same, there are some strong differences between them.

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When speaking with clients and decorators who are well versed in interior design styles it is important to understand where one leaves off and the other takes over. The top five differences in modern and contemporary design are:

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Thermador via Houzz.com

1. Modern style is based on the Modernism movement which began in the early 1800’s.
2. Contemporary style is actually the newer style which was developed in the 1970’s and is a blend of modernism, art deco and deconstructionism.
3. When looking at the two designs modern is often done in a neutral palate with bold clean lines whereas contemporary design often plays with colors and curved styles.
4. A highlight of contemporary style is a clean open space with stark furnishings.
5. Both styles favor metals and glass for accent pieces and furniture with exposed legs.

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