A home should be reflective of those who reside within the four walls. The accessories should tell a story about who the owner is and what makes them tick. If you’re more whimsical than serious, check out these top tips for adding eclectic touches to your Beverly Hills home.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

  • Set the tone in the entryway. A floral arrangement with colorful orchids, dahlias or poppies is inviting and unique.
  • As to not let the design become overwhelming, start with a neutral palate. This acts as the canvas for accessories such as candles, pillows, chandeliers and mirrors.
  • Add closed storage. You want the eclectic accessories to be on display. Closed storage allows for them to be the focal point while items such as books, papers and other items are tucked away.
  • Create small menageries. Keep your treasures together so that they can tell a story. While one teapot is interesting, an arrangement of twenty is eye catching.
  • Each zone in your home can be different. A reading nook, a window seat, and kitchen prep station are small areas which can all tell a story of their own.
Donna Livingston Design

Source: ABRAMS via Houzz.com

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