An office building doesn’t have to be boring grey cubicles. An office can be lively and productive where innovation and ideas are constantly bouncing off the walls.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Fine Arts Framing

One way to make the office more inviting is to add art. Great art improves the flow of ideas, enhances the comfort level and speaks a bit about the business without saying a word. For office interior design, liven up the space with these suggestions for art.

  • Choose art which speaks to your company. Landscapes of areas which your business impacts, or where you work are great. For us, a gorgeous picture of the sunset in the Hamptons, speaks to who we are.
  • Decide where the art will go in order to decide on size. You do not want a large painting too look cramped or a small painting to look lost.
  • Mixed media is one of the newest trends in art. Paintings which also include lithography or charcoal offer a deeper image which could make a larger impact.
  • Have fun with color. Art can be changed. Knowing that art is not permanent gives you freedom.

Meet with our designers for more tips on adding art to the office.