Window treatments can dramatically change the look of your home. When considering the different trends for interior design for windows, look at your style. From the romance of drapes to the clean lines of the Roman shade, there are a myriad of options to choose from.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

  • Layer fabrics, patterns and colors to create visual interest. Linen shades in a deep caramel look wonderful when paired with bamboo shades which block the sun.
  • Large floral patterns are showing up on the runway and on the windows. Opt for monochromatic color schemes if you are a bit pattern shy. To tie a room together, incorporate the pattern on chairs or pillows.
  • For those that like just a bit of color, go for banding at the top or the bottom of drapes. A pop of blue silk is calming and eye catching.
  • Clean lines work well in kitchens and dining rooms. Roman shades allow designers to play with patterns and colors while keeping a structured look.
  • Valances are coming back into fashion. Keep these structured rather than the loose hanging valances of the past.
Donna Livingston Design

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