Designing my home was a real joy and I was able to truly make it what I wanted, personalizing it to meet my specific wants and needs.  I really enjoy living in a space that has been customized, but I have not always been able to have this luxury.  One trick that I have utilized in making a home my own is through the use of monogramming.  I monogram everything; towels, napkins, pillows, even flooring!

Here is a close up shot of my bathroom shower where StoneArt used mosaic tile to create the elegant monogram right on the floor.

I source most of my embroidery linens from Linens et al, on Robertson Blvd., and E. Braun & Co., located in both Beverly Hills and New York, but there are many other sources out there.

This is one of those details that I love to use.  There are a wide variety of styles and types of monogramming, and it is something that is not too expensive either.   This classic element is a simple touch that will allow anyone to personalize their home and the things around them.

For more of my design advice, check out “Inspired by You” in Architectural Digest’s August 2010 issue.

Beautiful embroidery by Michael Savoia added the finishing touch to my table linens.


 Monogrammed table linens and chair throws personalize our Catalina Yacht, As Time Goes By.