Sharon Pinkenson

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Donna Livingston whom I have known for nearly 25 years. Donna is the loveliest and most charming and most caring person that I have ever met and I would trust her with the care of my own children and elderly parents.

Donna was born in West Virginia and was orphaned at the age of one when her young parents died tragically in the crash of a small airplane. As a beautiful only child she was juggled between competing families and spent many years in an orphanage. Despite her sad circumstance, she managed to get her college degree and pursue a career as a social worker in Harlem, NYC, and she still speaks about how much the clients she served enriched her life. Eventually, she moved with her young daughter to California where she developed a stellar career in interior design.

Donna Livingston Design has a reputation that cannot be beat. She is the darling of the most important design magazine in the industry, Architectural Digest, and she has been on the “Top 100 Designers List” annually. Known for her particular modern, casually elegant and eclectic style, she is also sought after for her attention to detail and her dependable service. And her clients all love her. It’s no wonder she has had so much repeat business. And I marvel as her friend at much she is beloved by so many.

Donna is a very spiritual person and her every thought and action is family-centric. She adores her grandchildren and has served more as mother than grandmother during long stretches of her daughter’s health and financial issues. There is nothing she would not do for her family and has supported them financially and in every other way when others would have turned their heads away.

She is church going and peace loving and still has the glow of a “flower child” in every thought and action. Under the most difficult duress and personal attack, she turns within and seeks a peaceful solution. I have never known Donna to be otherwise. Several years ago, Donna conducted research into her missing family members in Pittsburgh and West Virginia and Kentucky and discovered a family that she has reunited through her own great love and introduced her children to a whole new world of love.

Donna is an amazing hostess. She loves to throw dinner parties for friends old and new and opens her home to friends of friends with her warm and loving hospitality and delicious food. And she is well known for her “bowl of photos” that sits on her coffee table, a large platter filled with decades of memories for all to enjoy at will. Her beautiful hand-written thank you notes reflect the warmth, appreciation, charm and love that is obviously genuine.

Did I mention that Donna is an amazing athlete? Fit and healthy and skillful as a skier, long distance biker, hiker, and just about any sport she pursues. I am always amazed by her stamina and joy in the great outdoors and wish I could be half as good an athlete. Allow me to sum it up. Donna Livingston is a role model and a lady in every way.

Thanks for reading,

Sharon Pinkenson
Executive Director, Greater Philadelphia Film Office