There is a certain energy to Manhattan homes. From a penthouse on Central Park to a loft in the Fashion District to a full floor in Tribeca, homes tend to carry some of the energy of the neighborhood. To capture that essence and create a home which suits you, add art.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design, As featured in Architectural Digest

Artwork from a private collection ensures that you have something which is not everywhere. You will have the right piece for the ambiance and feel which you are trying to create for your home or your workplace.

Some of the important things to consider when choosing art include:
• The architecture of the room
• The color scheme
• The time period which the building was created in
• The size of the canvas
• Mixed media options

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

Art is very personal and it should tell a story to those who view it. For balance in the room the art should not be too overwhelming, but certainly not a shrinking violet either. This piece should make the owner smile every time they look at it.

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