Baby It’s Cold Outside:
New York

BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE:  A phrase I seldom heard for 30 years in LA.  However, I’m on the East coast now and feeling life a little differently these days.  In an effort to seek shelter during a blizzard, I recently walked into Bergdorf’s to buy a winter hat and was struck by the beauty of Spring.

I wandered floor to floor all bundled up in my coat and gloves feeling totally confused!

Spring was all around me with vibrant pops of colors…… tangerinepurple, lime, and colorful prints were everywhere.  With my head clear and my credit card current, I was unable to make a commitment on any one “outfit”. It made me think about interior design and how we need someone to guide us on a much bigger commitment – Our Homes!  How can we spruce them up without a major commitment?  Simple. We add a little color.  Boom!


For starters, envision graphic artist and pop culture icon Andy Warhol.  Throw out the $800 print jeans and go for a “Pop of Color” in pillows. It will never go out of style or need to go on a diet.  Here are some Ideas from a Top Interior Designer:

                                                     Andy Warhol’s fun pop art mustache inspired pillow.

Obi Inspiration: I love the look of Japanese Kimonos and the Obi belts that are worn with them. These pillows translate that ancient look into modern accents for your sofa.


Vintage Fabrics: A great way to re-purpose vintage fabrics is to create unique accent pillows. Weather it’s old scarves or swatches of fabric from a project that never was; these fabrics will add a breath of fresh air when made into accent pillows.

This is my library with the vintage pillows on the sofas. Feel free to explore new ideas to express your design aspirations! For starters, come visit our new showroom at The Collection.


Perfect example of using vintage pillows to accent the room.