I love the warmth and interest that bookcases lend to a room.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your own bookcase vignettes.

  • Mix it up!  Feel free to combine books, framed photos and your favorite object d’art.  I prefer asymmetrical arrangements, but I always include at least one pair of objects for a sense of balance.

  • Books are obviously a natural in a Den or Library.  The trick is to combine them in pleasing arrangements.  I like to vary the heights and also place some books horizontally with objects on top of them.  If you aren’t a big reader and don’t have a lot of books, you can purchase beautiful leather bound vintage volumes at Charles & Charles in Los Angeles.  They are reasonably priced because they are for decorative purposes only (most of them are printed in Scandinavian languages).

  • Keep it light! Since this cabinet is in my bedroom, I selected my most personal objects and photographs.  In this instance, no books!  I lined the back of the cabinet with off-white silk for a subtle touch of texture and elegance.

  • Shelf lighting illuminates your bookcases to their best advantage.  Here is one of my secrets – a recessed channel under each shelf that incorporates a Celestial Lighting strip light.