Desert Scene


Anyone who has lived in or visited a locale that is burdened by oppresive heat and humidity can tell you: it’s a hard battle to fight and one we often lose. As an interior designer, it is my responsibility to make people’s homes comfortable and beautiful. This can be a challenge, especially in hotter climates. I thought I would share a few tips for keeping your home and yourself cool as a cucumber.

Change out your window coverings from those luxurious velvet drapes to something lighter in feeling and color. White linen or silk shades will reflect up to 50% of the solar heat entering through your windows (just make sure they are properly lined). They also protect your upholstered pieces from fading. Conrad Shades make some great roller and roman shades. The cleaner lines will make the room feel more light and airy.

Consider painting your living space a lighter, cooler color. This sounds like an urban legend, but color has a huge impact on psychology and can actually make you feel cooler! I like to use Farrow & Ball paint as their colors just seem so alive. If you are on a budget, Restoration Hardware also offers some great, soft colors.

Flatweave rugs can also make a room feel cooler. The no-pile rug offers a feeling of airyness while keeping the room grounded. Bring back the plush wool rugs when its time to light up the fireplace in November.

If all else fails, crank up the AC and make yourself a mojito! After all, do you really want to sweat in the fabulous Chanel tennis outfit you just got? Interior design is all about comfort and beauty. And there is nothing comfortable or beautiful about being hot and bothered.