Clever Closet Design by Donna Livingston Interior Design

Clever storage by top interior designer:
Out of the Box Wardrobe

As most of you know, I have recently become a bi-coastal interior designer and am splitting my time between Los Angeles and New York. A few months ago, I moved out of my sunny California condo to experience the first white winter I’ve had in years! The move to wintery New York meant downsizing and a lot of careful planning – especially in the wardrobe department.Beverly Hills Closet by Donna Livingston Design

As a top interior designer, having a well-organized and elegant wardrobe space is very important to me and during a transition from one home to another things can get out of order. In fact, during my last move from Beverly Hills to The Carlyle on Wilshire, I had a few months that I was between spaces and did not have the organized wardrobe that I am accustomed to. At this time, my interior design skills and “Out of the Box” thinking came in very handy and I was able to transform a sterile storage space into a decadent dressing room. My webisode “Out of the Box” will show you, step by step, how I was able to pair up with Robert Allen and The Container Store to convert the commercial space into a warm and personalized wardrobe.

Donna Livingston_Out of Box video link

Click on the image above to view “Out of the Box” – the space was also featured in a guest blog post that I wrote for Robert Allen Fabrics, you can view the post here


The storage unit was perfect while I was in Los Angeles, but now that I am bi-coastal I had to find a more practical solution to store my seasonal clothing. That was how I came across Garde Robe, a luxury wardrobe storage and valet service. Garde Robe has international locations, including Los Angeles, New York, and even Tokyo. Their endless closet space and personalized virtual closet allow me to store my seasonal pieces and have them sent to me when the need arises. This allows for extreme convenience when I am going from coast to coast or season to season.

Color-coded packing plan

Having a well-followed organizational plan is essential. With a color-coded key, updated inventory list, and images of contents on each box – I can easily find the exact item I am looking for.


The wardrobe hassles that come with moving and relocating can easily cause one to go mad, but a careful packing plan and organized team will save you from insanity! My team was a very vital key in keeping things organized – figuring out what to send to NY and what to keep in LA. Without the careful planning, convenience of Garde Robe, and professionalism of my interior design team, I just might have gone mad myself!

What tips do you have when it comes to moving? I’d love to hear your personal stories and ideas!