Creating photographic or art collages with multiple pieces is a great way to brighten up a blank wall. I have seen many versions of gallery walls, but a successful one must suit the space it occupies in terms of style and proportion. A large, open wall merits the use of larger pieces of art while a gallery nook should not be overwhelmed by large-scale works. Here are some other top interior design tips and tricks to create a successful gallery wall.

Donna Livingston Interior Design

Interior Design by Donna Livingston Design

Plan Your Layout

Once I have acquired all of the pieces I lay them out on the floor adjacent to the chosen wall and configure a placement for each. It is also helpful to measure the space and size of each piece and create a diagram, similar to an interior design floor or wall plan. Cut out scaled down pieces of paper and arrange them on a drawing until you come up with the layout that you are happy with. Remember not to concentrate all of the heavy frames or bright pieces together, balance it out. I also suggest starting from the middle, at eye level, and work your way out.

Donna Livingston Interior Design Los Angeles

Interior Design by Donna Livingston Design

Frame Your Pieces

A residential gallery wall is not only about the pieces of art and photographs, but also the frames highlighting the work. I prefer to mix and match unique frames. I have found many antique frames that show that the pieces have been collected over time, or give the view the feeling that they have even if they haven’t. Use frames of the same color and style for a cleaner look.
Donna Livingston Design Gallery Wall

Interior Design by Donna Livingston Design

Tell A Story

Gallery walls give you the perfect opportunity to tell a story of your experiences and travels. Photographs from a trip to Peru, a landscape painting that you bought on the streets of Paris, or an antique frame that you found at the local flea market. These pieces draw people in and have wonderful back-stories for conversation starters.

Mix It Up

It is not necessary to only use framed photographs or paintings when creating a fun gallery wall. Mix in unique and distinctive pieces to bring life to your gallery. Such as this Palm Desert interior design project I did. Here we used a collection of statues to create a unique gallery.

Palm Desert design by Donna Livingston

Interior Design by Donna Livingston Design