The mix of contemporary design with modern aesthetics is a tightrope walk. You have to figure out how to put form and function in the same room with comforting details.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: TLC

One of the popular trends in contemporary design is salvaged items. Turning old doors into headboards, using wagon wheels as legs for a coffee table and wiring old wine bottles to create a chandelier leave you with one of a kind items. As long as these items have purpose rather than being for the sake of being, they’ll fit into your modern design plan.

Pair down what you have. Modern design is about clean lines and clean spaces. This is the same theory as the basics of Feng Shui. Open pathways in the home, storage for all items and strategically placed accessories which mimic elements of earth, air, fire and water let the eye and the energy flow through the space.

Finally, look for items which will last. An item like our stunning Partners Desk with the mix of walnut and leather will look as great today as it will in twenty years.

This weekend pay a visit to one of our showrooms and ponder some of these design tips.