Closets are important organizational spaces (not mention they’re a signature of your personal style), and when designing a home, it is important to consider the perfect closet layout. Anyone in search of interior design in Los Angeles should be able to achieve a closet that suits his or her taste and habits. Anyone remember the gorgeous walk-in closet designed for Carrie Bradshaw by Big in Sex in the City? Exactly.

Optimize Vertical Space & Visibility

Any well-designed closet will make the most of the available vertical space. Every inch should be used for maximum efficiency, from the floor to the ceiling. Get creative about organization! Using shelves, glass fronted drawers, poles and baskets to show off your choices.

Design for Your Habits

Decide how you are going to use your closet before you build it. The clothes you know you will wear often should be at eye level, and other items should be placed on shelves or in drawers. For ladies, add a jewelry nook, or color themed shoe shelves.


Lighting Is Important

Some closets may have sources of natural light, but if not, it is necessary to install good artificial light. Fluorescent light tends to be better than incandescent light, as the latter can be a fire hazard. Plus, you want to make sure you that you can see what shades you choose so that there are no fashion faux pas.

Consider the Floor

While the organizational structure of the closet is most important, the flooring is also key. Carpet provides a warm feeling underfoot, but wood is easier to clean in small spaces.
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