Did You Know?

The Internet. What began as the idea of a government network made to withstand a nuclear attack has merged into one of the top tools for research and commerce for the Interior Design community.


Over the past forty years, the Internet has adapted and transformed into a user-friendly tool that has allowed businesses and consumers to obtain the knowledge, inspiration, and product selections in half the time that it would have taken only a mere decade ago.  The Internet has created endless platforms for interior design professionals and followers to gain inspiration and visibility of their companies or products.

The website 1st Dibs, was one of the pioneers that began a strong movement in the design business, offering an outlet for top product designers to create online shops.  The website has quickly evolved into a strong collaboration of e-commerce stores full of furniture, fine art, jewelry, and even home realty; along with a homepage giving you an insight into upcoming design events, trends, and news.

I recently joined a newer site, Dering Hall, which provides top designers with an online profile offering a connection between their company, clients, and the public.  Through Dering Hall I have an additional opportunity to publicly showcase my profile and product lines among other top designers and furniture makers.

When it comes to inspiration, the online world has an overabundance of it.  We have recently signed up with a new design inspiration site, Houzz, and within a month of joining have gained multiple followers and I have even been chosen as one of 2012’s “Best of Remodeling” award recipients, an honor based on a survey of more than 1.2 million Houzz users.

Another superb source for inspiration is Pinterest.  Like Houzz, this website allows users to browse through images of home design and improvement and “pin” those images to their “inspiration boards.”  Users can upload their own images, share their boards, and link their inspirations to other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Not only is the web a source of inspiration, it has also allowed companies to cut costs and conduct business transactions much more conveniently.  Today, instead of sending a business letter through the postmaster, you can cut the cost of postage and the inconvenience of time by simply sending an email.  Also, for those designers that do not have the convenience of being close to a Design Center, you can now view name brand products and materials online and request samples to be sent to you – rather than keeping a large library of outdated materials.  It lends the convenience for designers to be on top of today’s trends no matter what the circumstances are.

In celebration of the topic of the online world, I have decided to add a new “links” page to my blog.  Be sure to take a look through the great resources, and if you’d like to be included on the page let me know and we can exchange links!

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