It is one of the features of a home with which you have your most intimate relationship. It is something you can interact with many times daily. Visually, it can provide much more than just a curvaceous and tactile conduit for taking you from one space into another.

This being the case, don’t you deserve hardware that is more… voluptuous?


More than mere hardware, these pieces are sexy machines. They have a function and moving parts. They are sculpture for the hands. They also present an opportunity––an opening for creating more dimension in a design and as a means of expanding the experience of home and life.


Door knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, locks and plates, window hardware, and latches––all can be a way to elevate otherwise mundane accoutrements into an experience.

Hardware is available in a wide variety materials, colors, finishes, textures, styles, and themes.


They can be as gothic or as modern as you want to go.

Below, the escutcheon––the backplate that attaches to the door––is of brushed bronze with a mortise lock function. While the style hovers somewhere between traditional and modern, the elegance is obvious.

Door Latch_3 copy



How important is hardware? Imagine Louis Vuitton and Chanel without their exquisite signature appointments.


It’s something the imitators and pirates just can’t fake.