donna in the hamptons

When you think of the Hamptons you think of the ultimate in classic seaside style. This is in part due to the designers for keeping the best homes furnished for luxury and function. One of the designers known for lending her hand to the look of Hamptons interior design is Donna Livingston. This is why “Above the Hamptons” was so eager to sit down with her.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Above the Hamptons

One of the trends discussed was the movement towards a more modern look. A home has to function and a design should last through the years. Today we see that aesthetics are more streamlined.

A secret about design is shared, which is one of our favorite things about Donna. She opened up that design is not just what you see when you walk into the space. Design is the function of a space down to the location of the plugs and the angles of the sun through the window.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

With a strong commitment to every project and a love for all of the details, “Above the Hamptons” gives a keen insight to one of the top designers on the west or east coast.

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