Ever wonder what a room or house could become with some design changes?  More then adding a few beautiful touches to a room, the challenges posed to an interior designer are to make the most of the beauty of the space by making changes to the bones or structure of the room, adding touches that visually make the room look larger or smaller, point to a focal point or even reorient the room to enhance a view.
These are some of the changes an interior designer will do to make a house or space more livable and comfortable for the client. A picture speaks a thousand words, so see below for a look into the interior design process.
These are some examples of BEFORE AND AFTER and  WHY YOU NEED A DESIGNER.
The photos below show a Beverly Hills LIVING ROOM BEFORE AND AFTER.  Some of the key changes to enhance the look of the space were:
Donna Livinston Before3
  • Added moulding and changed “windows” to sliding glass doors to outside patio.
  • Refinished paneling with gold leaf details
  1. Final touch of elegant drapery going from floor to ceiling.
Beverly Hills Estate Living Room
These photos show a LIBRARY in Beverly Hills BEFORE and AFTER.  By moving and adding some of the details listed below, the space became spectacular!
Donna Livinston Before1
  1.  Put new doors with historical paneling
  2. Added fireplace
  3. Bookcases with under shelf lighting
Beverly Hills Estate Library
This soothing, zen like MASTER BEDROOM shown in the AFTER photo was very different when it started out.  See the BEFORE photo showing the awkward door and low ceiling.  This room was a challenge with its octagonal shape.  By keeping the door and making enhancements to the structure of the room, this bedroom became a masterpiece.  Look at the BEFORE and AFTER photos to see the major changes I made below.
Donna Livingston Before2
  1. Raised the ceiling by 24 inches to blend with the integrity of the living room in proportion to the architecture of the house
  2. Added paneling over the doors
  3. Created pockets for drapery
  4. Used the alcove for cozy seating area
Beverly Hills Estate