The Pacific Design Center (PDC) hosted its annual Fall Market on Thursday, September 22.  The theme of the event this year was Collaborative Community and included a full day of events – including new showroom openings, line additions and keynote discussions.  Fortunately, my busy schedule calmed down enough for me to make it to many of the events this year and gather some ideas for a few upcoming projects.

Me and Jack Durrant, owner of Quadrus~Studio - whose line can be found at the Thomas Lavin showroom. Image from PDC on FaceBook.

Donghia Showroom. Image from PDC on FaceBook.

Pictured above is the discussion with Carolyn Reed, Donghia’s VP of Residential Sales, about new textiles from Donghia, Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli and Sahco.  This was held in the Donghia showroom at the PDC.  Donghia is one of my favorite sources for unique textiles – you may remember a past post of mine that featured the amazing texture of their Peacock Cloth.

Paul Mathieu’s resin Etoile Side Table.

Also during the Fall Market, Paul Mathieu showcased his first collection for Holly Hunt.  I love Mathieu’s work because his sculptural forms seem to defy gravity – like that of this resin side table, for example.  This is a sensuous and artful collection that seems to marry perfectly with this year’s Fall Market theme of Collaborative Community, bringing together multiple mediums of design.

Some of Martyn Lawrence-Bullards textile collection.

Now available through the Thomas Lavin showroom is Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s eclectic fabric line.  This collection combines the experience of exotic travels with the luxury of fine upholstery and drapery fabrics, uniquely combining chenille with silk and linen with burlap.  I just love the wide range of exotic colors!

The dancing begins at the Ralph Pucci West Coast reception.

The PDC Fall Market’s closing reception, hosted by Ralph Pucci West Coast, was phenomenal.  Unique sculptures and iron furniture by Jerome Able Sequin were combined with live entertainment from the Lula Washington Dance Theatre.  The event was enchanting and original; another example of how the showrooms stuck true to this year’s theme of Collaborative Community.  Another collaboration at the reception was the live music and performance from Marcus L Miller and the Freedom Jazz Movement.  The entertainment merged perfectly with the aesthetics of the Ralph Pucci showroom and the featured pieces by Jerome Able Sequin.  What a magical way to end the evening!

If you were unable to make if to Fall Market 2011, be sure to come explore the Pacific Design Center and take a look at all the fabulous new showrooms and lines.  And don’t forget, West Week 2012 is right around the corner…