The theory behind feng shui is about balance. With this interior design style the elements in a room, the decor, the flow and the energy work in harmony. Using this style to help you determine the layout of the room or the options for accessories will give the home a feeling of peace.

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The kitchen is at the heart of the home and this is the room in feng shui which attracts money. Keeping everything clean and organized breeds good energy. For design, focus on a fantastic stove which is easy to keep clean. Not only will this add value to the home, it will be a gathering hub for health, wealth and happiness.

Donna Livingston Design

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When planning the furniture, opt for symmetry. If there is a large couch on one side of the room, add a pair of chairs on the other. On either side of the bed, place nightstands with similar lamps. Symmetry sounds like it is common sense, but it is often overlooked.

With feng shui, remember that it is about energy in and energy out. Attract good energy with a charming front entryway.

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