Donna Livingston purple orchid


As I sit at my desk writing this blog post, I am looking at a beautiful, single-stem, purple orchid – so perfect in its design and shape. There is something magical about the way a simple, flowering plant can transform a room with its energy. An aromatic, artful arrangement always uplifts my mood.

When I think about some of my favorite indulgences, Gucci heels and weekends at the spa included, fresh flowers never fall far from the top of my list. Walking into my home and enjoying an orchid is a luxury I can’t sacrifice. As a designer, I use plants to add warmth and color to a space. Floral displays are the final puzzle piece to a polished project.

Arrangement in Beverly Hills home

A simple bouquet adds a freshness to a Beverly Hills dining room by Donna Livingston Design.

This beautiful piece of “living art” brings some serenity to my bedroom.

Like many creative types, much of my inspiration is drawn from nature. The orchid, for example, is textural and architectural. Its balance and beauty are supreme. A succulent, on the other hand, is geometric and sculptural. The shape, symmetry, color, and fluidity of a plant’s design are fascinating – these details serve as endless inspiration to my interior design.

Donna Livingston Orchid

A close up of the beautiful orchid grouping that adds a sweet aroma to my bedroom.

Donna Livingston Succulent

There is something surreal about this "flower" succulent and its texture.

Rather than consider them products, I treat flowers and plants as living, breathing beings that need to be nurtured. The responsibility of caring for these ever-blooming specimens is empowering.

For years, I have trusted the green thumb of Denise Ray, whose company, Urban Plantscapes, creates personalized landscapes for my interiors. Her custom container gardens and exquisite bouquets are true examples of living art. Denise’s designs serve as a reminder to enjoy the gift of Mother Nature. They never fail to fill my home with a much-needed sense of serenity!

Succulent Grouping Arrangement

Unique succulent arrangements by Urban Plantscapes

Orchid arrangement by Urban Plantscapes

Orchid arrangement by Urban Plantscapes