With Legends of La Cienega: Celebrate Art coming up, we have been very busy working on our window display for the event.  Just today we traveled to prop houses, the upholstery shop, party rental shops, and to Gray Morell’s showroom; where our display will be showcased.  I love a busy day, you get so much accomplished!

For this year’s window design, we are very excited to have Emilio’s Upholstery dedicating their time and efforts to create a beautiful table skirt for us.  It is a lot of fun meeting with Emilio and his group to discuss design options.  Together we are constantly coming up with fresh ideas and beautiful details.

Our visit to the prop houses was a new and exhilarating adventure, as well.  The rooms are filled with so many items that without assistance you are bound to get a little overwhelmed!  We came across some very interesting antique pieces – it brought me back to my childhood.  Although we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for to compliment our design, it was definitely a thrilling experience.

I can’t wait to share our window display with you all next week, and I hope to see you at Gray Morell!