Whenever I design a room, I extend the theme right down to the hardware.  It is like a fine accessory, that makes every piece of furniture “well dressed”.

I like the weight of fine hardware, it should feel heavy in your hand.  It also lends a signature style to furniture, which is why I usually design my own. It’s that extra attention to detail.

The bronze feet on this sleek nightstand were inspired by my love for  Andre Arbus.

These knobs are at the center of a starburst pattern.  The bronze is a stunning compliment to the exotic pearwood veneer.

Here are a few of my hardware tips:

  1. Consider proportion with hardware.  A big door with a small handle will look out of proportion.
  2. Extend your decorative theme down to the hardware.
  3. Don’t skimp on the front door, even if you can’t afford high-end hardware throughout your home.  It’s the entry to your home, so give it a lot of attention.