Some think that modern design has to be clean lines and stark, industrial furnishings. While this is one element of modern design, it is not the only way to achieve modern living room design. You can have the streamlined look with the comforts you desire. Here are three ways from our friends at Real Simple to incorporate modern design without sacrificing comfort.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Real Simple

Crisp pops of bold color. Feature walls and bold colors are very of the moment. To balance a bright red wall add crisp white or soothing grey finishes. This not only makes the color stand out, but it assists in incorporating it into the room.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Ron Royals via Real Simple

White on white is a classic look. For ultra modern living room design this may be white flooring, white furnishings and white accessories. In a more comfortable setting do white on white while playing with texture. For example, do a white couch in cotton twill, white curtains in linen or silk and white pillows in chenille.

To modernize classic furniture, add color. A tufted back sofa in robins egg blue with lime green side tables, is anything but ordinary.

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