The base of the trail.


Natural Exterior Design

I know that I usually blog about interior design but, after a weekend overflowing in natural beauty, I was inspired to write about exterior design.  This past weekend in Aspen was so awe-inspiring as I soaked in the breathtaking creations that mother nature created for us to enjoy.

The most inspirational day for me this weekend was Sunday, when I joined my friends, the Slades, for a daylong hike through Independence Pass in the Colorado Rockies.  We climbed our way to the top, reaching 12,800 feet in elevation, where we found ourselves surrounded by 360 degrees of majestic views.  We were so far above sea level that we passed the snow-line and were able to get in a playful snowball fight during our rest at the top!

Communing with nature really allowed me to open my mind and become aware of the natural design that surrounds us.  For instance, the native wildflowers provide a perfect color scheme of white, green, and brown – each shade perfectly complimenting the others.  Clouds are another great source of exterior inspiration.  I’m always looking up to the sky to see what I can find – some days a roaring dragon and others a sweet rose petal.

After five exhilarating hours exploring the natural exterior design with dear friends and man’s best friend, Sam the Burmese Mountain Dog, how could I not feel inspired?  And to top off the wonderful afternoon, K.D. Lang sang a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah at the Jazz Festival that evening.  What a day to remember!