The perfectly selected rug provides endless possibilities for dramatic impact in a space.  Floor coverings are one of the first things on my shopping list when buying for a new project.  They can set the entire mood of a room, whether it is colorful, calm, or romantic.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a rug to create impact in a space.

Choosing a magnificent, and often expensive, rug can really elevate the style and quality of a room.  As Martyn Lawrence Bullard said when choosing area rugs on the first episode of Million Dollar Decorators,  “It’s like in the movies when you say ‘light the money’: you pick one really expensive thing and you shine the light on it!

Impact of an abstract Moroccan rug in a geometric space

This is a Moroccan rug that I chose for my own living room centerpiece.  I purchased this rug, among others, from JH Minassian & Co. in West Hollywood.  In this instance I chose to use the majority of my design budget for the room to purchase the perfect piece, and set the stage with this exquisite rug.  It lays the foundation for the luxuriousness and warmth of the space; all of the other pieces in the room play off of it in such a brilliant way.

Morrocan Lambs Wool Rug

The unique edge details of this area rug make a soft statement.

Impact of a Hide Rug in a Bathroom

Contrary to popular belief, floor coverings DO NOT have to be rectangular.  Take this ‘ocelot’ hide rug, for example.  We used this hide, from Decorative Carpets, in my storage unit that I converted into a dressing room while going through a divorce.  At the time, we used the hide specifically for a photo shoot, but I fell so in love with it that I just had to have it for my new master bath.

Try using the dramatic edge of a dark antique runner or the excitement of an exotic hide to make a strong impact in a room.  Area and accent rugs are a chance to really let your space shine.  I encourage you to take a room from the ground up and make something unique that you can call your own!

Dramatic Antique Runner