As you settle into the new year, there is a sudden urge to reorganize and start fresh. I don’t know if it’s my love for fashion or my interior design heart, but the first place I start is my closet.

You can tell a lot about someone from their closet. It’s their safe haven, their sanctuary of fashion and style. It’s only fair to keep this sacred space tidy. As an interior designer; I like to keep my closet incredibly neat.

My shoes and accessories are organized by style and color. When I walk into my closet; I like to see all my of options in front of me. I can get a sense of which shoes I’ll pair with my coat, and
which necklace would accent that outfit best.

My clothes take up the most space in my closet. So, how do I reorganize them? With proper hangers! These black non-slip hangers give more room for hanging, which means more space for clothes. They are an instant space-saver and keep everything looking chic and clean. Even
better, your clothes will stay on the hanger and off of the floor thanks to their functional design.

Now that you’ve successfully reorganized your closet; you can start the rest of your interior design tweaks for the new year. There are countless organizational design changes that provide
a considerable return in both your home’s appeal and functionality.

The new year always brings me back to my “Begin Again” video when I designed my home in the Carlyle residences in just three months! Even though I was recognized as a Top 100 Interior Designer in Architectural Digest; I was on a shoe-string budget for this project. I used creativity and instinct to design my place – check out the insight into how I made an inexpensive closet
look lavish. Enjoy the process as you make simple interior design changes for 2016!