Interweaving Textures

Have you ever thought about how fabrics and textures interweave through our lives and surroundings?  For example, the feeling of a certain texture or the color of a fabric can trigger memories in the brain that take you back to a specific feeling or time in your life; such as how the sight of blue and beige linen gives me the feeling of walking along a calm beach at the Hamptons.  I can almost smell the salty ocean through the brisk winter breeze!

Or how the feeling of Sabina Fay Braxton’s gilded silk velvets give me a sense of exhilaration, forever reminding me of the things I’ve accomplished over the past few years.

Donna Livingston Design Custom Tufted Bed

Donna Livingston Design Custom Tufted Bed upholstered in a Sabina Fay Braxton silk velvet, Eucalyptus Leopard.


Another example of the interweaving of fabrics and lives is the attraction that one has towards certain textures and fabrics.  Are you a romantic?  Then you might be attracted to silks and velvets.  Are you a person of structure and order?  Then you might be more attracted to neutral tones in tight weaves.

A sensual velvet for the romantics, Christopher Hyland’s Sean Velvet.


J. Robert Scott's Boxcar Tweed Upholstery

Retro Tweeds are all the rage in upholstery right now.  J. Robert Scott’s Boxcar (above) is perfect for the structured businessmen types.


What do you think?  Do any certain materials trigger your emotions?  Is there a connection between the fabrics and colors that surround you and the type of person you are?  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!