Get out your sweaters, because June Gloom is here!  I’ve been talking so much lately on the blog about the beauty of spring, but I’ve recently been reminded of this gloomy time.

“June Gloom” is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that is prevalent here during the late spring and early summer months. The overcast skies and cool temperatures are a result of the offshore marine layer moving inland.

Even with the sun hiding, I still love this time of year because I get to break out my light jackets!  If you’re like me, maybe you’ll want to try on one of these fresh jackets for a little pick-me-up during those drab mornings…


Jessa Military Jacket from Ralph Lauren 


Tweed Jacket from Marc Jacobs

.…And if wearing something as cheerful as these jackets doesn’t lift your spirits, then step outside and take a look at the beautiful blooming Jacaranda trees!  Another reminder that sunnier times are just around the corner.