When creating the look of your home or office, it’s important to keep the key elements of interior design in mind. These rules will give you the freedom to be creative and the security of knowing that your design will come together if you stick to them.

Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

1. There should be a common theme throughout the home. This can be done in color scheme, time period which is the inspiration for the design or materials such as woods or concrete.
2. Design around a focal point. There can be one or many focal points. The focal point in the living room may be the fireplace whereas the focal point in the kitchen may be the island or range hood.
3. Repetition of texture, color or shape can tie a room or a home together. For instance a small cluster of candles in the bedroom, a larger cluster of candles on the fireplace mantel. in the living room and then a dining chandelier made with candles.
4. Scale of objects in the room should be proportionate to the room.
5. Symmetry helps to balance a room, for instance a couch with two side tables.

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