Modern interior design could be defined as design with clean lines, and smart finishes with a flow to the design. When creating this look in your Beverly Hills estate or Hamptons seaside home, keep these fundamentals at the core of your design.

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  • Choose smart finishes. There’s a movement towards green décor. Elements like recycled glass, concrete, sustainable bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood or quartz keep the design streamlined and fresh.
  • Flow can be established in a modern home by concealing clutter with smart storage. Hidden drawers, compartments inside ottomans and streamlined shelving give everything a place to be put away.
  • Furniture for a modern home should fit the family and the interior design. Clean edges, sofas which you can see underneath, dining tables with Lucite chairs and beds which are low to the ground are common in modern design.
  • Play with color. Much of modern design will cater to a singular color palate such as eggshell or grey but will incorporate bold colors from art and accessories.
  • Open concept kitchens and living rooms keep the whole family together and make entertaining easier.
Donna Livingston Design

Source: Donna Livingston Design

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