The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where a lot of time is spent. Not only by those that live in the house, but by guests as well. That is why it is essential to have a very organized and clean kitchen. Here are some of my top interior design ideas of kitchen essentials that will impress your guests and allow for easier prep and clean up.

Refrigerator Drawers

sub zero fridge drawers

Sub-Zero offers some of the highest quality refrigerator drawers. Photo courtesy of their website.

In addition to my regular refrigerator and freezer, I find it ideal to have refrigerator drawers – usually in the island of my kitchen. These drawers are so versatile and perfect for prep work and when entertaining. When having children in the house this is the perfect “kids station” of the kitchen. I house all of their water, juice, and sodas in here for easy reach. They know it is their station and then they don’t go rummaging through the entire refrigerator. The same concept goes for when I have adult guests. These drawers easily convert into adult beverage stations so that they feel free to grab their mixers without having to look at the disaster-zone of a refrigerator we can all have from time to time!

Warming Drawer

warming drawer

Whether I have an event catered by one of the top Beverly Hills restaurants or do all of the cooking myself, a warming drawer is another kitchen essential. The last thing you want is to serve food that is meant to be hot, cold. Prep your meals ahead and keep them warm in your warming drawer. No need to be running around frantically trying to time everything perfectly and end up not having time for your guests!

Cabinet Pullouts and Inserts

Poggenpohl Cabinetry offers a wonderful line of pullouts and accessories. Photo courtesy of their website.

In order to have a relaxing time in your kitchen it MUST be organized. The simplest way to do this is with cabinet pullouts and inserts. There are many companies that make amazing pullout shelves, sliding drawers, and organizers that are essential for an organized kitchen. From spice drawer inserts to corner cabinet pullouts, these are always a must when designing a kitchen. Not only does having an organized kitchen make it easier for the cook, it also aids in keeping your kitchen clean for when unexpected guests arrive.

Single Serve Coffee/Tea Brewer


I have to admit, this may not be an essential kitchen item for everyone but it definitely is for me! I, personally, could not go without my Nespresso coffee machine. So much that I am known to give them as housewarming and thank you gifts quite often. Single serve machines are so much easier and cleaner than multi-cup ones and you get the perfect brew every time. Impress your guests with a cup of Nespresso coffee after dinner and I’m sure they will rave about you and your beautiful kitchen!

Interior Design is not all about what you see. Being a top interior designer in Beverly Hills and New York means getting down to the bones of a room and continuing through the last accessory. This is especially true for the kitchen. Knowing the anatomy of a room is what makes a great interior designer and you have to remember how the space will be used and who will be using it. For those that entertain, these are some great ideas of kitchen essentials to make the most of the space and your time. What about you? Do you have any kitchen essentials?