Living luxuriously means paying attention to small details.  Here are a few inexpensive splurges I enjoy that might make your life richer.

Fresh flowers inject color, fragrance and life into a room.  Solid colors make a bigger impact and I like to place a welcoming arrangement on the entry table.


To compliment my elegant bathroom pullman, I store my mouthwash in a crystal decanter.  I arrange the decanter among my perfume bottles on a gallery tray.  Mine happens to be silver but you can use any decorative tray, be imaginative!

For an additional bit of elegance I use the silver sleeve designed by FIJI Water for their bottles.  I often give these sleeves as a house warming gift.

Another little luxury of mine is using an eye mask, especially one with cooling properties which can offer soothing relaxation and revitalization after a busy day.  Masks may also help with tired, puffy eyes and headaches.

Light a few scented candles instead of turning on the lights and any room is automatically infused with a sense of drama and romance.  I particularly like Rigaud Candles in the Tournesol and Cyprus scents.

Living in luxury is really about knowing what you enjoy and then surrounding yourself with it. 

To help you get started, in association with FIJI Water, I’m offering one lucky reader a complimentary silver, water bottle sleeve and a pair of  Rigaud candles in Tournesol and Cyprus scents.  Join my fan page by April 15, 2010 and you will be entered into the draw.