I am best known for incorporating timeless elements into luxury interior design. It is important to me that all of my design projects withstand the test of time – not only in quality, but in aesthetics as well. Striving for timeless, luxurious design does not mean that I can’t bring in fun and edgy features to my design projects. In fact, those are some of the most exciting pieces to find!


The cracks of teak wood in the Glitz Stool, from Phillips Collection, are filled with
crushed glass and resin – creating the look of cool cracked ice within the warm
organic wood. Perfect for adding just a little bit of edge to a luxurious space. 

A timeless and edgy feature that was introduced in the mid-to-late 1900’s is live edge hardwood. As most of you know, George Nakashima was the founding father of this beautiful woodwork. His designs have been praised worldwide for his dedication to craftsmanship and the beauty in, what some would call, the “flaws” of natural wood.

minguren II

The Minguren II coffee table by Nakashima is a fine example of his use of traditional
craftsmanship and live edge slab.

While there are so many reproductions and “rip-offs” of Nakashima’s work, it is refreshing to come across a new twist on the slab table. John Houshmand has done just that. His Magic Slab table has the same devotion and love as Nakashima, with the inspiration of modern materials and new structural design. And talk about luxury interior design and living on the edge! This table top of razor-thin black walnut and acrylic floats weightlessly above two live edge legs, luxuriously juxtaposing the two materials in a unique manner.

John Houshmand Magic Slab

The Magic Slab table by John Houshmand. 

Another gorgeous example of live edge is seen in this Selenite Table from Blackman Cruz. I incorporated this piece into the kitchen of a recent Los Angeles interior design project. I fell in love with the table the moment I saw it, and the beautiful mix between its rough and exposed edges and the contemporary soft lines of the other furniture in the room create a timeless and forward look. It is amazing how adding just a bit of edginess to an elegant and luxurious design can elevate it to a completely new level. How about you? What’s your favorite edgy piece? Have you seen other instances of some edge incorporated into luxury interior design?

LA kitchen design by Donna Livingston Design

Selenite Table, available exclusively through Blackman Cruz in Los Angeles, brought in the perfect amount of edge to this contemporary Los Angeles kitchen design by Donna Livingston Design.

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