I recently had the opportunity to view the latest collection of Donghia leathers and fabrics.  Here are a few that caught my eye.



This Peacock Cloth from Donghia’s Alchemy Collection has an amazing texture. It feels silky to the touch and has a modern elegance.  Traditionally it was used to adorn the thrones of  Tibetan monks. The fallen feathers are collected to create a delicate feather yarn that is hand-woven into the cloth itself.  Woven by only two families in India, it’s opulent and distinct, but fragile.  Because of this, I would use it in a decorative manner-perhaps on the back of a dining chair. Since it is a custom and museum worthy item, be prepared to wait 6 months for the fallen feathers to be collected and woven.P.S. No peacocks were harmed in the production of this textile!


The Razza leather, which is embossed with a stingray pattern, really appeals to me.  This is an ideal alternative to the more exotic natural stingray hides.  It is also extremely durable.

The Mane Attraction, a long haired hide, is suprisingly soft to the touch.  I could see it upholstered on a bench or an ottoman in one of my Aspen projects.Donghia is always innovative and these are just a few of the exemplary products they offer to the trade.