I have always wanted a glamorous Hollywood closet.  I finally had the opportunity to design my very own and it came together exquisitely.  The closet itself was not very large so I had to really think of how to put that allure into this small space.  I decided to mirror just about everything, making the room appear larger.  I even added beveled mirror to the island, introducing more light and glamour.  The beautiful Degué chandelier fit perfectly over the island; my past blog Art Deco Artistry gives more detail on this stunning piece.

I put a lot of thought into the design of the island.  Being that this is not a large room, I had to be clever with the organization of my belongings.  I love belts and have many of them.   I thought that a pull out cabinet would be just the thing to store and display them.  I chose to use lucite in the cabinets to keep with the glamour theme and allow for better visibility than wood shelving and doors.  In addition to the shelves I also chose lucite door knobs.  To house all of my jewelry I called upon Formal Drawers to create customized velvet lined drawers.  I highly recommend Formal Drawers, they do wonders!

Here is a little trick for some extra storage.  I had some dead space behind the wall here and added a secret cubby to get more use out of it.  It’s just a fun little extra in the closet.

I am a big fan of pullout garment rods; I don’t think could live without them.  I always place my garment rods 76” above the finished floor to be sure that I don’t run into it and hit my eye.  The height also allows enough room for long gowns to hang properly.  Another tiny detail I add is a nice trim along the edges of the lined walls; it adds that finishing touch of glamour and sophistication.  I always line my closets and here I chose a neutral suede from Calvin Fabrics, bought from the Donghia showroom here in West Hollywood.

We can’t forget the handbags!  I have purses for every occasion and this convenient cabinet houses them flawlessly while keeping them protected.