Good Morning from Berlin! I’m still here in the city after last week’s gathering of the Leaders of Design Council and wanted to share a few of my highlights. There were 150 of us on the trip to Berlin so you can only imagine the knowledge and sophistication of each person.

The LDC (Leaders of Design Council) is an exclusive educational organization of designers, architects, executives and editors within the design industry. I am part of this extraordinary group, many of whom are part of the luxury design industry like myself and our goal is to discuss how we plan to respond to todays advancements in the design world. What a treat to be exposed to colleagues who have been around the world and have unique views of architecture.

I woke up to sun and ready to start the exciting adventure with the Leaders of Design on my first day. After exploring my new surroundings and a cocktail reception, we took boats around the river Spree for our first night together. We dined on a delicious buffet, and had intimate talks with our colleagues. We had a guide who tried to tell as what we were seeing and gallantly tried to talk above our chatter.

Everyone arriving onto boat that took us along the River Spree

The hotel I stayed at, Hotel de Rome, was so chic and I love all the details. The rooms, the hotel lobby, everything about this place is so modern and fresh. Such a stark contrast to the grey monochromatic colour scheme of the city outside it’s doors. I love Berlin because it’s built by contrasts in it’s architecture and design.

Outside the Hotel de Rome

Seating in the Hotel Lobby

Room at the Hotel de Rome

Me and Nicholas who was at DLD for years as one my associates

We spent a full day hearing from industry experts on the new landscape the design industry faces and it was so inspirational. On the last night was a cocktail reception at the I.M Pei designed, Deutsches Historisches Museum with dinner in the courtyard. The room was magical with tall candelabras and beautiful flower arrangements at each table. After dinner, there was a live performance by Patti Austin! Such a great ending to an eventful few days.

IMG_7608-600x450At the I.M Pei, Deutsches Historisches Museum with Meg Rodgers from Philadelphia

IMG_7638_2-400x500Paula Nataf from Exquisite Surfaces and me

IMG_7614-600x450Elegant table top decor

IMG_7619-400x500Neat little details like menus under a clear glass plate.

IMG_7624-400x500LDC Founders Meg Touborg and Keith Granet

IMG_7642_2-400x500Chuck Berlin, me and Steven Jonas

IMG_7632-400x500Me with Cole Smith, Architect from Dallas

This was only a snippet of the events that took place and I still have more to update you on from my trip. I’ll tell you all about it in another post very soon.