In almost every design I have done I’ve run into the dilemma of where to put the TV.  In most rooms the television can be so large that it tends to take over the space.  This can work for a theatre or media room, but a television is not the ideal focal point for a living room or bedroom.  Over the years I have developed many creative solutions to solve this predicament.

I find it disturbing to walk into a bedroom and have the television be the first thing in view.  In this particular bedroom there was no wall space for the television, so I had to fit it within the built-in cabinet.  I decided to take the bold move of putting the TV into the subflooring of the home for storage when not in use.  By going into the subfloor I was able to keep the cabinet in proportion and not increase any height in the lower section. The 60” screen is attached to a built-in pop-up device hidden within the lower cabinet.  My contractor was not too keen on the idea of going into the subflooring but so far, after 2 years of operation, it still works perfectly.

In many cases, due to lack of space, you simply don’t even know where to put the television.  My bathroom is a perfect example.  I did not want a TV sitting on my vanity taking up valuable counter space, so I had it recessed into the wall.

This was a clever idea for another pop-up, which I would recommend for everybody.  Here was a situation where I found a trunk that I fell in love with but did not know what to do with it.  Deciding to house a TV within the trunk, I had a plinth built-in to accommodate the height of a television and pop-up equipment.  You really can’t find a TV that functions and looks as good as this!