The right statement piece will spark interesting conversation among guests and often set the tone of an interior design project. There are several ways to make a bold statement in a home, but today I’d like to talk about floors. Using a striking patterned floor covering is a sure way to set the tone and create a focal point that grounds the design of a room. Top interior designers around the world use this technique to bring in a statement piece that can be changed seasonally or with a gutsier clientele we can create something more permanent.

When using your floor as a statement piece in a room, remember that color and pattern play an important role – but too much of either, and you’re room will look like a circus exploded in it! Pattern isn’t always regulated to wallpaper and fabric; here are a few projects in which I used patterned flooring to create a statement and liven up a room.


The striped carpeting in this bedroom was a bold and rewarding choice. I custom designed this carpeting, down to the colors and width of each individual stripe, with the team at Decorative Carpets on Melrose Avenue. They have a wonderful selection of patterned floor coverings that are sure to make a statement.

NY penthouse

The marble entry hall in this New York home is just exquisite! The boldly patterned flooring makes such a grande statement, setting the tone for the entire home. The pattern replaces the desire for a runner rug and lets the marble do the talking!


This New York interior design project is located in the Hamptons. It is another instance that I used a strong striped floor covering to make a large impact. In a room full of solids, this pattern creates a striking contrast – making it the perfect statement piece. A splash of red in the garden stool brings your eye down and makes the rug pop even more.

Statement pieces come in all forms, from the pattern in the curtains to a strong statue to the flooring material and design. The key is to go bold with one or two pieces and play off of that statement with more reserved colors and patterns. Make it pop!

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