The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me and as much fun as I have had, I really can’t wait to take some time to relax. My favorite way of unwinding and erasing any sign of fatigue is by retreating to my bathroom and having a soak in the tub. It’s so simple but it really changes my mood and is like a restart button for the times when life is just too hectic. We begin and end our day in our bathrooms, so it’s important that they serve as both a place to refresh for the start of the day, and relax when it’s over.


Lots of natural light and neutral colours make this bathroom feel fresh and spacious.


This bathroom is so elegant and rich, and the tub takes centre stage.

 Of course, I always make sure to have plenty candles and yummy smelling bath products to help put me in a good mood. A beautiful smelling candle or bath soap are great ways to calm nerves and to make a night of pampering all the more enjoyable.

Diptyque always have the best scented candles, and Baies is their most popular.


Jo Malone have the most exquisite bath products and their scent combinations are so unique.

And after all that relaxing, it’s back to meetings and doing what I love. (Even if it sometimes gets too hectic and makes me want to retreat back into my bathroom to escape once in a while.)