Home accessories are like the icing on a cake, they really complete the look of a space.  As an interior designer, I have developed and learned some design secrets for accessorizing a home.

Here are a few of my “How To” tips when it comes to dressing up a room.


Variation in Size Keeps the Eye Moving and Interested

Bookshelves are the perfect spot to show off small trinkets and accessories.  Be sure to take the time to clean up the books and display the best looking of the bunch.  It is often a good idea to take the book jacket off of those hardbacks to display their canvas or leather covers, creating a much cleaner look.

Keep Movement with both Vertical and Horizontal Stacks

Incorporate both horizontal and vertical stacks of books.  This keeps the eye moving and creates different levels to place your accessories.  Now layer in the different objects for display.  Try using a heavy object, such as a vase or small statue, as a bookend.  Create depth by layering the accessories in between, on top of, and in front of the stacks.

Dining Tables

Perfect Opportunity to Display what you Already Own

An ever-changing chance to display all of your trays and candles, think of wedding gifts.  Some of the top gifts to newlywed couples are silver platters and serving pieces and they often get stored and forgotten about.  The dining table presents the perfect opportunity to use the accessories you may already have.

When setting a table I like to use white linens and then layer on the color.  I always have my monogram embroidered into my linens; I think it adds a personal touch.

Outdoor Coffee Table Displays Silver Serving Pieces

You should ground the center of the table with a larger object.  This is a great spot to display a layer of silver trays or a fresh bouquet.   I prefer to have a monochromatic bouquet of many different types of flowers; too many colors can create a ‘circus’ effect.

On a Budget?

A Simple Urn and Pedestal add a Piece of Interest to an Odd Corner or Hallway

If you are on a budget it is a good idea to try to find one large abstract piece, such as an urn or statue, to accessorize a room with. An eye-catching piece of unusual proportion enhances the feeling of space and proportion in a room.

A Life-Size Statue is the Only Accessory this Side Table Needs!

An Abstract Statue adds Intrigue to an Entry

Remembering these few “How-To’s” can help anyone to achieve a great sense of balance and design when it comes to accessorizing.  The real key to remember is to have fun!  It’s all about energy and movement, keep it changing and eye-catching and you’ll never go wrong.  Now go work on you inner interior design skills and rearrange those bookshelves!