The Space Age:

keeping up with the Jones’

These days yoga mats are replacing evening gowns and text messaging seems to be the only way to communicate, oh and forget the fax machine…another outdated piece of machinery.  What will go next, trade in our feet for wheels?!?  As we are entering the real “Space Age” I think it is important to create timeless designs while keeping up with the modern influence of today’s technology.  In a desire to infuse some of this new energy into Donna Livingston Design we have updated, not only our logo and website, but our offices as well.

The new look is sleeker, bolder, and cleaner – much in the way that our interior design style has evolved at DLD.  We wanted to streamline the website, making it more user-friendly and, finally, we have updated our logo with a fresh approach.  The new look is a clear representation of our firm and the new age.

Our offices also have a new look: uncluttered.  Clutter is so passé, along with handwriting and eye-contact!  We have cleaned our sample library of the mass amounts of out-dated materials and are reorganizing into the digital world.  As the interior design market is ramping up, so are we.  This Top Designer is going beyond “keeping up with the Jones'” and looking toward a bright future!