Donna Livingston has over 30 years of interior design experience for luxury homes, with the ability to create custom design of any style.

As demonstrated by the Trousdale Estates residence in Beverly Hills, Donna was able to take the grand designs of “Hollywood regency” that were envisioned by the estates’ architect, John Elgin Woolf, and modernize them. Donna’s interior design update of this iconic estate retained its stately spirit, but created an intimate space at the same time. Trousdale Estates real estate consists of a high concentration of luxury homes designed by noteworthy architects. The neighborhood is known for its mid-century modern chic architecture, and its abundance of high profile residents.

Never one to be limited in imagination, Donna’s work in the Asian-inspired eclectic-yet-simple design of a California home located in The Vintage Club is a stark contrast to the Trousdale Estates. Foregoing the grand molding and regal accents of the Estates, Donna’s team created a minimalist theme that incorporated gorgeous, earthy Brazilian wood ceilings and austere copper fascia and entry gates. These elements combine to embody a simplistic yet elegant design.

Donna has solved a multitude of interior-design frustration for countless clients of different backgrounds, needs, and complexities. She is extremely dedicated to her community, her craft, and her clients, providing a level of satisfaction and exactness that is virtually unmatched in her field.