January has always been known for it’s busy awards season – Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, and many more! But, it is also a busy season in the Interior Design business. Just last week I attended the opening night of the annual Winter Antiques Show in New York City. It is always an amazing show and a great opportunity to see the best of the best and catch up with some of the top interior designers and showroom owners in the business! Here are a few highlights from the evening.

18th Century Silver Gun

 I came across this stunning 18th century gun from a personal collection.
The details in the silver are brilliant!

Expressive Mug

This antique mug is so expressive that you just know it has a great story behind it. 

Donna Livingston and Hyde Antiques

I’m very happy that Mr. Karr from Hyde Park Antiques was exhibiting.
It was wonderful catching up with him!

We ended the evening at a private dinner hosted by The Leaders of Design and The I. Grace Company at the Lotus Club. The Leaders of Design is an exclusive educational organization of top interior designers and executives that I have become a part of. Our goal is to continue the education and welfare of the design industry as a whole.

I have worked along side of I. Grace on many designs and had the joy to sit with some of the project managers at dinner and catch up on our latest adventures. The room was so beautiful, I wish I had snapped a few photos for you!