Over the years I’ve designed bathrooms for many clients but I’ve never lived in them.  So when I moved from my condo to my new house, it felt like I was living in my own lab.

I monogrammed the shower floor.

Originally built in 1956, the house was a traditional one-bedroom, one-bath.  When I remodeled, I added his and her bathrooms off of the master suite.

The bathroom is my sanctuary.  It’s where I unwind and catch a few minutes of Everybody Loves Raymond or I Love Lucy and laugh while I’m getting dressed.

I selected every piece of marble, the combination of colors and materials and I really focused on the details.

I always put mouthwash in a decanter. No bottles on the counter top!

I combined mother of pearl with bronze on the Pullman to match the detail on the built-ins in my master suite.

I chose a Venetian mirror, modernist sconces and I fell in love with this funky little 1940s Gio Ponti chair.

Gio Ponti is often referred to as the godfather of Italy's post-war design renaissance. His extraordinary body of work in architecture, design and ceramics embodies and inspires modern classic design.

I’ve always been comfortable with blending a mixture of styles but sometimes you put things together and  think, “What am I doingThis is going to look horrible.”  In my experience, if you think too much, it probably will.  However, if you go with it and trust your instincts, you’ll end up with a room that has personality.

So what was my biggest bathroom design dilemma? I couldn’t decide where I wanted to put the TV.  Would I prefer watching it from the tub or sitting at my make-up table?  In the end, since it’s the first bathroom I’ve designed for me, I decided to treat myself with two.