A Tangle of Wires

Untangle Yourself:
Dealing with unsightly cords

Wire management is a challenge that many of us face. It is especially important when I am aiming to design a timeless and luxurious space for a client. The ultimate solution is to plan ahead and fully integrate wires into a design. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a project and working with your electrician, or you are unable to make hardwire changes, here are a few tips to help solve this unruly mess!

I incorporate a lot of console tables into my designs, and an open base can pose a problem when it comes to lamp cords. To get around this I have the electrical outlet raised so that it is hidden behind the body of the console. This helps to hide not only the outlets, but also the cords — voila!

You can also help hide hanging cords by simply affixing them to the backside of the furniture — but be sure to not use anything that will harm the finish of your piece! 3M Decorating Clips are a great solution.

And finally, if you have the luxury of designing your pieces from the  ground up, find a way to hide your cords by incorporating them into the design! My custom line features just the piece. The DLD custom Partners Desk features a bronze grommet that leads cords through a hollow leg to a concealed floor outlet. The effect of this “wireless” piece is very clean and elegant, just my style!