DLD Videos

A Day in The Life

This video takes us through a very special day with interior designer Donna Livingston, as she is honored at Los Angeles Pacific Design Center’s “Stars of Design” Awards, 2012. Donna shares her special day with those who have helped her get to where she is. After all, it takes a village…


2011 ALMA Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge

Celebrity Interior Designer, Donna Livingston, transforms a bare room in the Santa Monica Convention Center into a luxurious lounge space for the gifting suite at the 2001 ALMA Awards. Here we show you “how to” create a space and make even the most sterile of environments into a comfortably chic, lavishly decorated lounge.


Donna Livingston Goes to Little Paris

Top Interior Designer, Donna Livingston, visits one of her favorite shops in Los Angeles, Little Paris Antiques, to show you how you can find the glamour of Paris in Los Angeles.


Begin Again

Top Los Angeles Interior Designer, Donna Livingston, moves into a new high rise condo in Los Angeles following her divorce. This video takes us from creation through completion of her new dream home–on a budget! Watch as Donna and her team “Begin Again” in this new space!


“Out of the Box” with Donna Livingston

Top Interior Designer, Donna Livingston pairs up with Robert Allen Fabrics and The Container store to  transform a sterile storage space into a decadent dressing room. Step by Step guide on how to create your own personalized storage wardrobe.


Sophisticated Living

Los Angeles based celebrity Interior Designer, Donna Livingston, takes us into her Beverly Hills home to show us her version of Sophisticated Living. This inside look shows us the intricate details that go into the elegant designs and custom pieces by Donna Livingston Design.