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Virginia Robinson Gardens Tour

To understand our theme behind the design for the 24th Annual Virginia Robinson Gardens Tour, I have to transport you back to the birthplace of Beverly Hills and the life of Virginia Robinson.  Upon returning from her three-year honeymoon across the globe with her husband, Harry Robinson (of the Robinson department stores), Mrs. Virginia Robinson commissioned the first luxury estate ever built in Beverly Hills.  After completion of her mansion in 1911, Virginia used her green thumb to create the most engaging gardens in the area.

Known as the “First Lady of Beverly Hills,” Virginia hosted some of the most lavish parties in Los Angeles.  Her diverse guests included the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Elvis Presley, Sophia Loren, and Charlie Chaplin.  In fact, she also hosted many weddings at her extravagant estate, including the marriage of Lillian Disney.

For the sold out, one-day Garden Tour event last Friday, the DLD team and I decided to recreate the magical feeling of those weddings of the past.  We completely transformed the estate’s living room into an elegant salon centered around a 1920’s style wedding couple.  By partnering up with Caché Collection, Antonio’s Bella Casa, and M Collections, we were able to blend pieces original to the estate with many new and vintage furniture pieces and accessories to put a modern spin on the 1920’s wedding scene. The Empty Vase then created spectacular floral arrangements to dress and complete the room’s elegant, lush look.

For weeks we traveled throughout the Los Angeles area in search of the perfect pieces for the design.  We went all the way to The Mannequin Gallery in Pacoima, CA in pursuit of the models for our set.  It took us hours to search for THE groom; he just had to be perfect!  Once the mannequins were chosen we searched through Western Costume’s inventory for the elaborately detailed wedding dress and the groom’s tailcoat.  Thankfully, my daughter Tara was a great help in dressing the mannequins – those things can be tricky!

The event itself was equally as lovely.  My DLD team joined me for an delightful day in the gardens.  We saw so many new faces and met many lovers of art, history, design, and floral arrangements, as well as meeting some of the other interior designers and amazing floral artists that were involved with the event.  The luncheon was also incredible; my granddaughters Scarlett and Dexter couldn’t get enough of the homemade ice cream!  They were a treat, traipsing about the gardens and enjoying the sunshine – and like sponges they soaked up the history of Beverly Hills and the estate.  All in all, it was a fabulous time, and I’m so happy we were invited to participate!

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