It is the year of the subdued palette. For 2015 the colors are neutralized and on the warmish side, rugged even––more Bette Davis than Doris Day (or, more Taylor Momsen than Katy Perry––whichever generation applies). The reds are bloody, the green is wan, the grays are warm and slate-y, and the whites are off and pinkish: in other words, classic style.

BMColor2015 copy

The palette is Scandinavian. It’s spring painted with a wintry brush––more intellectual than emotional. These are the colors of whispers.






Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore will explain it all at West Week with a lecture on the transformative nature of color on interior design as well as discussing color trends for the year.

It has been declared that 2015 is the year of Guilford Green.

Guillford Green_Montage 1


Guillford Green_1


Guillford Green_fashion

Guilford Green transmits an energy that is both relaxed and vibrant. Just the color for a sitting room or kitchen.

As the year of the subdued palette, the spring colors are restrained as well. Color saturations are down as tones venture into pastel-like territory.

Spring Colors Dansko


Spring Colors_2



Scandinavian Spring_dining


Spring Flowers