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Donna Livingston has showcased her personal integrity and devotion to style for over 30 years. Clients from New York City to Aspen to Beverly Hills treasure her expertise from their first meeting to the conclusion of the job because she draws inspiration from one person: you.

Top-flight interior designers such as Donna Livingston gather their first impressions of your style of presenting yourself, your choice of wardrobe, personal charisma, all while integrating her own touch from the get-go. You’ll be happy with her choices and she’ll save you the time shopping and comparing that, really, you don’t have to spare.

Donna sees you as someone whose environment must match your interior personality, or all is not well. She sees someone with no time to waste on trivial matters. She acts, moves, and decides as quickly as you do.

When Donna decides to act, watch out. After the first consultation, she’s a whirlwind of selecting the perfect range of choices for you to point at and say, “That’s the one!” Donna displays the best quality of designers: empathy. She understands that wasting time with pointless questions is neither to your advantage, nor hers. She’s already planning a decorating project from start to finish after she leaves the meeting, and if there’s anything that Donna Livingston is known for, it’s thoroughness.

Attention to the finest detail is her trademark. She’s worked with her team for years and knows how to fulfill every client’s dream from floor plans and lighting to hardware, and the niceties of elegant crystal, furniture, and all the accessories to make your home the perfect living space. Donna will bring all of the essentials right to you, so you don’t have to waste time shopping. She has relationships with all of the top suppliers so you have each piece ready to try out, and see how they work. She will bring all the fabrics, fixtures and colors so that you’re sure to knock out everything in one fell swoop. Busy professionals need a full service designer like this that will make sure to tackle it all so you don’t have to.

So designing an interior isn’t your forte, but it is Donna Livingston’s. Allow her to make you happy beyond compare with your choices, and you’ll be ready to spread the word about the best Los Angeles interior designer around. Book your appointment today at